Come, see and enjoy

Fabulous and memorable excursions and tours in Pietarsaari, Finland. The archipelago outside Pietarsaari and its surroundings is diverse and beautiful. The waters abound in pike, which is caught all the year round. I also arrange sea-bird hunting trips. Plenty of duck, sea-bird and greylag geese in the autumns. If you are lucky, you may get a sea trout, pike and greylag goose during the same day. In that case, you will get a fine diploma.

Fishing areas

Northern part of the Kvarken Strait. There are about 250 islands, with the average size of 50 hectares. Water depth is 2-7 metres. We have in this area Finland´s largest freshwater basin (85 km2), with plenty of pike and perch, in addition to zander, lavaret, ide, bream and roach. Hopan Luontomatkailu

Fishing species

The main species are pike, perch and zander. Pike may grow up to 10 kg, perch up to 1 kg and zander up to 7 kg. Usually the catch is: pike 1- 6 kg, perch 0.1- 0.6 kg and zander 0.6- 3 kg. You may also catch salmon, trout and lavaret.

Fishing and Hunting

Pike and perch are fished between April and early November. Zander is fished from 16th June until the end of August. Salmon is permitted from the end of May until the beginning of July. Trout and lavaret from September until November. Hunting for sea birds starts on 1st September and continues until the sea freezes.

Fishing methods

We cater for nearly all the possible forms of fishing. The most common include spinning, trolling,

bait fishing, jigging and angling. You will need a fishing licence. We provide you with a fishing licence that covers your fishing area.

Fishing regulations

All fish shall be handled with care and respect. Use a bag in weighing and pliers to unhook the fish.

For your own consumption, you are allowed to keep one pike per fisherman and day (size 50- 70 cm). Local fishing rules and regulations are available on kvarkenfishing.fi and provided also by your host.


Cottages (44 m² and 25 m²). Electricity, hot and cold water, sauna, refrigerator and toilet. Boat and kayak included.

Boats and transportation

Boat with electric outboard motor. The guide´s boat is Quicksilver 640 Pilothouse with 115 h.p. Mercury. Transport from the nearest airport or railway station. There are rental car offices at the airport.

Fishing guides and other services

Local fishing guides are available. In the city of Pietarsaari, 7 km away, you find all the services needed. The closest airport Kokkola- Pietarsaari 30 km away, Vaasa airport 100 km away.